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Dorien Sas

Dorien Sas
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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Very easy! We send you a box containing a tube and a swab and a concrete step-by-step plan.

You iron the swab, as described in the enclosed instructions for use, well along the inside of your cheeks and put it in the tube together with the included drying capsule.

PLEASE NOTE: This has to be done soberly!

So before you have brushed, eaten, drunk or smoked your teeth since the previous day.

Do not touch either the end of the Swab or the ampule!

You stick your unique barcode on the tube and register this barcode on our website under ‘My DNA’ via your email address. You will receive a confirmation email of your registration. Confirm and return the closed tube with the barcode CUSTOMED via the enclosed envelope.

Our ISO certified lab will decipher your DNA and we will inform you by email when your report is ready. You can then consult your analysis again via ‘My DNA’ LEVENSLANG. This will be regularly updated with the latest scientific developments.

Our delivery time for the advisory report is +/- 4-6 weeks from the moment the sample has gone to the laboratory. This depends on the hustle and bustle at the laboratory. We do not make the report ourselves, and have it done by our medical specialists in the lab to ensure good quality. We then help you with the further analysis and with the personal application of the data in your daily life.

No! Your DNA is fixed from birth. Your genetic data is therefore still up to date after many years. Every day we work on new scientific research that gives us, and therefore also you, new insights.

No, it won’t. Since we don’t have a medical background, we don’t risk it. We only report on genes involved in nutrient metabolism, exercise, skincare, wellness and character traits. If you still want to know this, you can request your sample via a qualified physician.

No, this is not possible due to privacy standards. Only digitally can we guarantee the protection of your data. You can of course print your report yourself from the portal on our website via your personally created login.

We store your data completely anonymously and securely. We only use this information to send you updates to the report. Of course you can indicate to us that you do not want your data to be kept, we will remove it. Unfortunately, at that time we will no longer be able to provide updates to the report.

That’s possible! Please contact us, you will get a special discount code with which you can buy the extra Kit for only 95 euros. You don’t have to give us your DNA again.

We accept Visa & Mastercard. Or pay your personal PayPal account.