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DNA research into nutrition, exercise and mentality is no longer in its infancy.

It is a fascinating science about which more and more is being discovered. In collaboration with a team of young, ambitious scientists, we want to bring this power within reach of consumers.

In a way that is feasible and affordable for everyone.

We can help you better understand your body, balance your nutrition perfectly, optimize your performance, prevent injuries…

Not with vague talk but with pure science!

By having your DNA examined in a DESKUNDIG LAB, we can analyse what you have a talent for and what you need to watch out for!

Based on the results of this analysis we can give you specific advice on nutrition and exercise.

You will be able to consult this advice in our online portal.

Wellness and mental health are also still in the development phase and can be added to your profile at a later stage…

Wondering what your body has to tell you?

We will be happy to help you with a tailor-made programme so that you too can get the best out of yourself!


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