What does Healy Frequency Therapy do

The Healy stimulates your health and well-being because the Healy sends the correct frequencies to your cells. This boosts your body’s self-healing capacity. As a result, your body is “reset”, as it were.

Each cell has its own frequency or vibration. Frequencies can change because you overload your body or mind due to all kinds of causes or trauma from outside.

Just think of emotional blocks such as sadness, fear, insecurity, frustration, anger, worry. It creates an imbalance at the cellular level.

An accident, external violence, physical overload due to heavy work, for example, a burnout, pain, chronic pain, fatigue, skin problems, insomnia, complaints to muscles, bones and / or joints also cause an imbalance at the cellular level.

We are also exposed to all kinds of electrical radiation every day. Electricity, Television, Telephone, Wifi, PC, Electrical appliances. You don’t see that, but it is there. This has a negative impact on your system and it penetrates deep into your cells.

Your body has to recover and the Healy helps with that. At the deepest level, the Healy sends the correct frequencies to your cells so that the tension of the cell membrane is restored or cell optimization. The self-healing capacity of the body is (re) activated and that has a positive influence on your well-being. Both physically and mentally.

The Healy promotes the self-healing ability.

How important is the quality of your health to you? How important do you consider health and well-being? How nice is it to feel active, strong and healthy?

The Healy offers applications to keep you feeling fit, to reduce pain and to regenerate you on a bioenergetic level, recovery at the cellular level. A diseased cell that renews passes the “old” diseased information to the renewed cell. A sick cell therefore remains sick if you do not tackle it at the cell level. Healy helps you improve your vitality, so that the energy flow is improved and your energy supply is activated.